Saturday, 28 November 2009

Blue and green......

.....should never be seen!!!! Well, apparently that is how the saying goes. But I am rather warming to the colour combo and have been working on some Christmas cards using those 2 colours. What do you think? ( Thanks Karen for the Tilda image with the basket..x) The card base is on Bazzill dotted swiss and then I have used up some really old paper stash that has been kicking around for a few years lol. Also used a mix of various flowers and some Prima crystals and pearls. The leaves are from an ash branch punch which is a christmas pressie from my Mum and Dad( I had to test it worked before they wrapped it up he!he!he!) and I have finished off with lots of sparkly stickles.

We are child free this evening for a little bit, Lauren is out till 11pm'ish with a group of friends at a movie night and Chloe is at a splash party at the local sports, child free and what do I do?????Wrap a few more pressies without prying eyes to see what I am doing??? Sit and snuggle with my hubby on the sofa and enjoy a film in the peace and quiet????....Nope! Can you believe I stood and ironed.....YES IRONED!!!!!!! What a berk! Oh well, at least I won;t have to worry about it tomorrow will I?

Hopefully the weather will be a bit better tomorrow( to be fair it can't get much worse....can it?) I am planning going and picking my Mum up and scoot over to Herstmonceux to a Craft show, haven't been to one for ages so looking forwards to it. And then, if there is time, I hope to get on with some more this space....and enjoy the rest of your weekend, whatever you are up to

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I'm STILL buzzing!!!!!!!

Indeed I am....yes I know its probably sad that a woman of my age is still buzzing a whole day after watching a film at the cinema....but you know what? I don't care!! I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt like that after coming out from a film....unless of course it was back in 1978 after Grease LOL!(when I was just 11... ooooh now I am showing my age!!)

I swear I must have held my breath such a lot during the film yesterday, my pulse raced, my chest ached and I felt lightheaded for a fair while after coming home yesterday. I think I phoned my hubby at work and virtually physco-babbled down the phone to him LOL. Lauren is going to see it tonight with her best friend, I will be interested to see what their reaction is when I pick them, well I have to mooch around the shops for a couple of hours to kill time whilst they sit and watch those magnificent examples of flesh parade about on the screen...not that I am jealous or anything......not me!!!!! Why would I be???? Afterall............. I AM GOING TO WATCH IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 23 November 2009


Back to normal this morning, its 4.15 am and I am here with a cuppa and some toast, that can only mean one thing!! Yep, holiday over and back to work......bleaurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nuff said........have a good day everyone.........

.........................having said IS a gooooood day too..........because its not many hours till I get to see NEW MOON :D :D :D :D....let's hope I stay awake!!!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

YESSSS!!!!!! There IS a god!

They have been booted last..........hurrah!!!!!!!

at last the X factor has become a singing competition and not a total farce.......well nearly!

It's almost time......

Tomorrow I am going, with karen, to see this........I am drooling already.....

Tissues and waterproof mascara at the ready Karen!!!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

......and so it begins!

Yep, its officially started! Christmas that is....the last couple of days have seen me making a start on wrapping pressies and making lists of what still needs to be bought( which really is too much for the amount of money in the Christmas pressie purse!) I sat down earlier with a nice cup of tea....a festive bacon butty lol....and a bag of bits and bobs, some of which are going in stockings...oh yes and I had some Christmas music on just for good measure( well it all helps doesn't it!)

Tomorrow I am off out with my lovely hubby for the day, we are hoping to pretty much finish the pressie shopping, but to be honest I am just really looking forwards to having some one to one time with my man! So watch out Crawley, here we come!

I have also made a start on some Christmas cards. I like this one apart from her cheeks, I just CANNOT get the cheeks right and all the girls seem to end up looking like they have contracted mumps or some such nasty disease LOL!

I have discovered today that we can now get Promarkers at my most very favourite stash shop Cardinal Colours

so I am now trying my hardest to sweet talk my hubby into getting Santa to bring me this set...

What do you reckon my chances are?...............

Monday, 16 November 2009

Those twins are like Marmite........

you either love em....or hate em..... and I have to say I am in the latter of those 2 catergories! I really enjoy watching the x-Factor, yeah sure sometimes the judges get on your nerves with their remarks and fake tears but hey, thats all part of the show isn't it!And I think that there is a fair amount of talent on their this year, I don't agree each week with who gets the boot always, but then I am not in the profession, so what do I know???
But JEDWARD!!!!!! Perleeeeaaaassseee!!!!( even the name makes me think of something you could clean your toilet with or its something nasty and contagious!!) Don't get me wrong, I know they are only kids...BUT....they CANNOT sing!!!!!! Not a bit, sure they are entertaining, in a strange sort of way....They have some sort of power over you when they are on stage, you don't like them BUT you can't NOT watch them perform lol.

So when this joke was emailed to me I absolutely rolled about laughing....and thought i would share it :)

So Mellie, if you read this Hun I just want to say a big THANK YOU to you for sharing it with me, it made me laugh big time....and that can only be good right?....xxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The best thing about rain.......

is when you look out and see you have been treated to a rainbow. But it is just soooooo very frustrating when you cannot capture the true beauty of it, even after taking over 20 shots!!!!

This was the view looking our front door earlier this

A Taste of Things to Come......

I have been working on my class pages for January, I like to make January a Christmas layout for my ladies so that they can use their latest Christmas photos on their page. December's class is generally not a layout and this year is no different, they will be making something that they can either keep for themselves or can give away as a gift.

Anyway, back to January's classes.... I thought I would give a little sneak of a teeny bit of both of here they are.
So, now I need to start on Febs about wishing the year away LOL!
I am really not sure where this year has gone, its really flown by hasn't it! maybe its true what they say about time passing faster as you get older?!?!**!!

The weather is still atricious today, although to be fair the wind does seem to have settled down a bit now, but we are still experiencing large downfalls of the wet stuff. Hope it clears up though as I am on holiday this week...alas not going away anywhere, but just to get 3 and a half hours of extra sleep each morning by getting up at 7am will be fabulous, I have NO intention of letting go of the quilt before that.
Have a smashing

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A night at the pictures.....

Tonight we are going out as a family which will be really lovely. don't get me wrong, its not that we don't actually all go out together normally, we do....its just we don't often either get chance to do the cinema due to cost or there isn't anything that we would all like to watch!

So tonight we are all off to see this!

I love Jim Carrey, always have done and I hope this film is as good as his others.

I think there is something very sexy and appealing about men that can make me laugh and each film of his ( apart from the Number 23 and The Trueman show) have had me roaring. The one that sticks in my mind most and still makes me die laughing is the one from Ace the rhino outfit ( do not watch if easily offended) ...I ache from laughing at this one.

I also love The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

So lets hope tonight is not a let down.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Sunday catch up.........

I didn't get chance to upload my photos yesterday, so thought i would today.

The first one is of a card I made on friday and just needed to finish by adding a pearl pin and a silver charm

Yesterday we had our monthly crop at Jills ( Cardinal Colours) and as always it was a fabulous day out with some very lovely company. Most of us were cardmaking yesterday and I was lucky enough to have a chance to try out some Promarkers and some Copics ( thank you so much Lynn and Linda, you are gems.) I have to say I got on better with the Promarkers, although the stunning array of colours that Linda had in her huuuuuge set of Copics had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop!

Here is a card I made yesterday using Lynn's Promarkers and a lovely Tilda image that Karen very kindly gave me in a huge envelope filled with stamped images ( thank you so much Karen, you are so kind).

I thoroughly enjoyed making this card and am looking forwards to finding some time this week to make some more.

We were celebrating Linda's birthday this month and Lynn bought along a beautiful display of yummy cupcakes that she had made and put on display in a gorgeous cake stand.

I made a Raspberryoffee Pie, its the exact same recipe as a Bannoffee but you substitute with Raspberries instead.

One tip I would give, if you decide to try it yourself, is to use frozen rasps, its so much harder trying to spread caramel and then the cream over them if they are fresh and soggy, the frozen ones are still full of flavour and sit nicely behaving themselves whilst you do the rest of the pie. I also use the Nestle ready to pour Caramel, its soooo much easier than faffing about boiling a tin of condensed milk for goodness knows how long. T o finish the pie off after topping it with whipped up double cream, I crumble up a Cadburys Flake and crumble across the top. Yummy!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Whooo Hoooo!


Its crop day today and I am soooo looking forwards to it! A whole day of playing with paper and catching up with some very special friends, not to mention sitting in a purpose built studio and being surrounded by delicious stash in a rainbow of colours! What more could a girl want?
Hope you have a great weekend

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A dash of lime........

I have been fiddling and faffing about last night and today with a couple of cards and thought I would share them with you here. For quite some time now my favourite colour has been shades of teal, turquoise and a liberal splattering of lime, I love the freshness of it and if you open my wardrobe door you will be met by a sea of these colours. For my birthday my sister gave me the most gorgeous light teal handbag from Next and my best friend, Sue , gave me amongst other things, a gorgeous interchangable watch set, it has 4 straps in varying colours, but so far hasn't made it away from the turq strap! I have teal/turq crocs( and I don't care that lots of people hate them!!! My feet feel fab in them!!) and have recently bought 2 lovely lightweight teal yes, you could say I LOVE it! Anyway, I I decided to make some cards. I was drawn straight to those colours and this is what I came up with.

I love the cheeky little Magnolia Tilda Snowman, he is sooo cute and I can see him appearing on several cards for Christmas in an array of colours this year.

The other card is just a blank at the moment, not sure what occasion it will be for, but both cards are very sparkly with lots of Stickles on.

After I finished the cards I wanted to make some jewellery and was totally inspired by the cards and the colouring in them. I made 2 more Bag Charms( based on the design of the Blue and White one from the other week) with some of the new beads I bought a couple of weeks ago and also made a silver and lime nugget bracelet with a toggle clasp on it, so quite a productive day really.

I also got all the kits sorted and packed for this weeks classes at Jills ( Cardinal Colours).....I really think I may *need* to get me some more of those delicious E-Line Prima crystals and Pearls tomorrow or thursday night whilst I am there....well it would be rude not to wouldn't it???? Right, I am off to do the washing up....and maybe make something else beady.....

Sunday, 1 November 2009

A few bits to share.

Yesterday being Halloween was also my Mum's Birthday and I thought I should really make her a card as I am trying my hand at cardmaking now! I bought some of the Magnolia Halloween stamped images on ebay and set about colouring them in, making a character to signify each of her 4 grandchildren( and as my sister is expecting then the cauldren is for her little one who is still cooking lol!) I used some of the new Basic Grey Eerie papers and also some Bazill cardstock and the end result was this, which I am really pleased with and my Mum absolutely LOVED :) The card when folded up measures 6" x 12" so is quite large but sits nicely when its opened up and stands like an easel.

And these are just a couple of older layouts with and autumny theme or colour.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday, I am just off to do the ironing....oh deep joy! At least the rain has stopped hammering down outside for a little bit.