Saturday, 19 June 2010

Carnival Capers.....and Cupcakes!

Today has been Carnival day in Hailsham and Chloe joined in with her school float which was themed as Alice in Wonderland, she had the choice of being a playing card, a flower or a butterfly....and so the obvious was to choose the butterfly lol. As it was so cold she had to wrap up in a lilac velvet hoody aswell.

I delivered her to the start of the procession and then returned home to watch the Carnival with Dale, my Mum, Sister, Brother in Law and their little ones.

Now if you get bored easily looking at photos i would suggest you run away now as fast as you can LOL as there are a few to follow, although I didn't actually get photos of all the groups taking part.!

The Mad Hatter himself! Although you can't see it in the photo he even has the bright green contact lenses in....he looked VERY eerie up close I can tell you.

The front end of the float, this is where the Queen of Hearts sat on her throne, all the committee made such an amazing job of decorating the float, such a lot of work involved. And I am delighted to say that they earned 1st Prize in the float competition......

The Mad Hatters Tea Party ( watched over by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee)

A very tall man came strolling along next!

And every tall guy need a tall girl to walk next to him.

We have a new charity shop in Hailsham, its called Thank the Forces...and this was their float.

Ug!Ug!Ug! He hads his spinach for breakfast me thinks!!!

Joshua watched the procession sporting his England strip ( I don;t think even he was impressed with their performance so far, lets hope the next match sees them get their act together eh!) just look at those gorgeous little chubbychunk leggies he has, all squishy and lovely.

After watching the procession we followed it down to the playing fields where there was a fun fair and various stalls and arena events....unfortunately a few mins after arriving there the heavens opened and we got soaked in just a few moments........such a shame.
Before trying to escape home wet and cold we saw a gorgeous cupcake stall....and it would have been rude to have run past without stopping to buy some wouldn't it. Mine is the lime green one, it was Elderflower...and delicious!

I just knew Chloe would choose one of the chocolate orange cupcakes, she can devour nearly a whole chocolate orange in just one sitting!!!

Lauren LOVES cupcakes, she is a girl after my own heart. Check out her nails! She loves painting them in various designs and wanted to use the England colours, but didn;t want just a Geaorge cross like lots of others have she made leopard print instead....I tell you that girl IS talented!

After being at home for a while the skies cleared and I took Chloe back to spend some pennies on the various tombola stalls. We met up with Lauren and she bought herself a hog roast roll( which looked and smelt fantastic!)

So that was our Saturday....hope you have all had a lovely one too. Tomorrow is Joshua's Christening, both Dale and myself feel very honoured as we are going to be Godparents to him :) ( we are also Godparents to his brother and sister), so I hope to maybe have some pics to blog soon. Have a lovely sunday everyone..xxxx Warmest wishes


  1. What fantastic photos Anita. You certainly have a way with a camera.

  2. Love all these photos, and the story of your day. Have a good time today too and I look forward to that blog post soon.

  3. Glad you had a great time at the Carnival Anita and well done to Whitehouse School. It was a shame about the shower as they all got to the field, but it did brighten up later. Can I ask you to email me the pics Anita, would love to add them to the Carnival Website :)
    BTW Chlow looks fabulous and those cupcakes, yummmmm.......did not get chance to look at the stalls :(

  4. Looks like you had a great time out.
    Some fab photos to scrap too :)