Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Good Luck Wish

We are very proud of both our girls and always will be and at the moment Lauren (14) is working extra hard at school and is in a group called Pathway One. This means she is taking her GCSE's a whole year early. Just over a week ago now she sat her first exam ( isn't the first one always the worst!)

Anyway, I thought I would make her a good luck card using one of the fairly new Magnolia images. Luaren likes vintagey colours and style quite a bit so I tried to replicate that in the card. The paper is Scenic Route and the narrow cream lace is authentic vintage lace
I have to admit I so enjoyed making this card for her and was pleased with the result....and more to the point she loved it too.
Good Luck with the rest of your exams


  1. Absolutely beautiful Anita - I'm not surprised that she loved it. Hope she does well - will she be allowed to take them all again next year to improve on her grades? That is what my niece did.

  2. What a beautiful card Anita. Good Luck Lauren. x

  3. Beautiful card Anita, so glad to see you're crafting!
    Good luck with the exams Lauren x

  4. Fantastic New Lauren, Well done and all the best :)
    A beautiful photo again Anita, and another stunner of a card :)

  5. The card is even better IRL Anita. I'm so glad Lauren liked it - it would have been difficult not to. Good luck Lauren with your exams - its an extra strain doing them early, well done you. x

  6. Lovely card Anita. Hope Lauren is doing well.