Monday, 21 June 2010

A Handsome Chap...A Fast Car...and a Christening!

Good evening :), I hope you all have a super weekend? Ours was very busy....what with the carnival on saturday and then yesterday we had the Christening of a very special little man, our nephew Joshua. Both Dale and myself were very lucky to have been asked to be Godparents to him.
I posted a little sneak peek a few days ago of something that I was working on for the Christening and now I can show you what it was.......
I made the prototype design for these favour boxes that Donna bought as blanks for gifts for all the ladies that came to the christening. I used various punches and layered the flowers and glittered these and the butterflies. Thankfully Donna liked the design of the original favour that I decorated and she took away all the finished decorations and decorated the rest of the boxes in the same way( and of course she gently inked all the edges with a soft baby blue ink ;) )
The 30 boxes were all then filled with delicious Thorntons choc.....yummy!

Here is Joshy's card that I made using the left over flowers and butterflies, I was inspired to make it a personlised card after seeing fabby ones on Linda's blog, the swirls on the paper( MME Penny Lane) in the background are all glittery and very pretty.

Donna had a Christening gown made from parts of her wedding dress, its to start a new family heirloom that hopefully will be passed down through her generations to come, its really beautiful and my photos just do not do it justice unfortunately.

Check out the wheels!!!!! This was the transport to and from the church, isn't it gorgeous! It belongs to a good friend of Donna and Ian's called Jim, he is such a nice guy and totally looks the part too, he dresses in authentic 50's style clothes and his house is incredible inside, it's all decked out in true American 50's style, sporting a diner style sections, jukebox etc. Its the same car that we were lucky enough to have to take Lauren to her birthday party for her 13th a couple of years ago.

A little bit of a cheeky moment here, I think he is going to be a right little pickle lol.

He is such a handsome little chappy isn't he....always a sparkly smile for everyone.

Chloe sat with Nanna in the front pew :)

Just look at him now....he fell asleep very peacefully just before the service started AND slept all the way through the blessing at the alter, signing the cross with the oil ( that was done 7 times too!).....and then he stayed asleep at the font too.

Nope, its not a snarl or a shout.....just a yawn from a little smasher who was rudely awakened by having Holy Water poured over his head.......bless him, but you know what? He woke ready with a smile for

Here is the sweet little crib blossom from the top of the cake ( sorry the photo isn;t too great), look at that teeny baby under the blankets of leaves. Its really delicate and is entirely made from sugar paste by my mega talented and lovely sister....she never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

And here is his cake. The photo of him is printed onto icing( i always said he was good enough to eat lol) and isn't that just THE best way to use glitter Thickers....and the band round the cake was made using a Martha Stweart punch.....gosh, my sister ROCKS!!!

Donna, if you read this Hun, just want to say THANK YOU sooooo much for allowing us the honour of being Godparents to that scrumptious little


  1. Beautiful photos of the lovely little man Anita. What lovely favour boxes and card you made. He is lucky to have such a special Godmother.

  2. Aww Anita, what an amazing day by the sounds of it! He is a right little smasher and what a smiley chap he is. You and your sister should set up business together, you both have amazing talent, just love that little flower crib.

    Love the personalised card, a truly gorgeous keepsake of his special day.

    Sarah x

    PS You make a FAB fairy Godmother

  3. Looks like you had a really lovely day. Fab cake and favour boxes.

  4. Wow well done on making all those boxes, they are beautiful. I can see another lo in the memory of the christening gown, you have some gorgeous photos for it :)

  5. Well what a talented pair of sisters you are.
    Love all the things you made.

    Some more beautiful photos to scrap too, look forward to seeing the LO's.

  6. He is absolutely gorgeous isn't he. And those boxes are beautiful. is that Oliver in one of the photos. If it is how he has grown. Glad Dot was well enough to make it.