Monday, 28 June 2010

Feelin' Hot! Hot! Hot!

Phew! Thank GOODNESS it's cooled a little today, yesterday was almost unbearable for me ( I don't cope with the heat very well :( ) For most of day I sat in shade or in the car with the air con on LOL. I reckon Chloe had the right idea....we haven't got a pool at the mo....and no space even if we did have one as I recently bought the girls a biiiiig trampoline..... so what's a girl to do?
Simples.....get a biiiiiig softy bucket, fill with water and immerse ones youngest daughter, sit back and enjoy ;) he!he!he!....kept her happy( and comfy) for a while anyway!

About 4 years ago I bought a strawberry plant, which i had in a terracotta pot on my patio. I wasn't very lucky with it the 1st year and it withered away :(, had a couple of runners that shot out from it and lo and behold.....they grew into the crevices in the patio!

And I am getting a little crop of strawberries now :), not quite enough for a lovely pavlova, but hey, we all start somewhere....and they are nice and juicy :)

Right, just popping out for a little bit, hope to be back later :)..xxxxx


  1. Look at Chloe in her mini pool!

    Love the crop of strawberries, so you will be doing a strawberryoffi pie for Saturday then! x

  2. Haaha who needs a pool anyway when a bucket will do?? This reminds me of a photo of me as a little girl sitting in a nappy bucket full of water.

    Well done on your little strawberries, don't think you'll be supplying Wimbledon with your crop yet hehe.

    Sarah x

  3. love the mini pool :) Ha ha. Wish my 'weeds' were that exciting :) enjoy