Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A little toilet humour........

I am feeling a little sorry for myself today....after sitting in the dentists chair this morning and having root canal treatment ready for a crown to be fitted I am feeling rather tender :(.....so I thought I would share something with you that makes me smile.
A few weeks ago we had a new toilet fitted in the bathroom....the old one was popped out in the garden and awaited removal to the local rubbish dump. Well I LOVE to find uses for other things, espcially in the garden. Normally in the summer you will find our garden is decorated with some of Dale's old Doc Martin boots which are planted up and overflowing with pretty blooms of various types. When the girls were small and outgrew their wellies I used to cut holes in the upper part of the toes and attach chains to the tops of the wellies and make hanging baskets from them.....so a lovely white porcelain toilet was too good of an opportunity to miss.

I got a bag of multi purpose compost and some trays of potting plants and I merrily planted away. They were only teeny little plants when they went in and I am really pleased with how they have grown. I have still got the cistern to plant up, not sure what I shall put in there, but fear not, it will be put to good use

Chloe has a half barrel at the bottom of the garden that she has planted some sunflowers in and they are sprouting quite nicely too.

Had to add a couple of boring close ups of some of the plants in 'the pan' lol.

So there you go, that's something you don't see in peoples gardens everyday of the week! Well, unless its my garden that is LOL.....Charmin innit ;)

.......I wonder what our girly is doing this evening at camp? I wonder if they are toasting marshmallows round the campfire and singing Ging Gang Goolie Goolie Gotcha.....or more than likely they are tucking into a pizza delivery and belting out to a karaoke machine lol. Whatever it is I hope they are having a smashing time....I know I am missing her..xxxxx Lauren xxxxx

Right I am off to bed in a mo, my face hurts, I want some sleep and more to the point 3.30am will roll around all too soon......ack!!!


  1. Hope you recover soon Anita.

    The toilet in your garden is absolutely fab - it looks great, a great idea!

  2. Aawwww, hope you feel better soon!
    Love the loo, looks smashing.
    Perhaps you shd plant some WC-teria?

  3. Thanks Linda and Karen....still feeling rather tender today and got a minger of a headache to go with it...never mind, pop some of those lovely little white pills and it will go for a while lol.
    LOL at WC-teria Linda, nice one....I also wondered about Loo-pins ;) or how about some Californian Poo-ppys.

  4. you should be flushed with pride at that stunning display Anita, love it

  5. Great work Anita, and such fun. That will be really poo-pular!

  6. Hope your face feeling better. x