Monday, 23 May 2011

Baby Cakes....and a ramble round the Reservoir!

Hello there :)
I hope you have had a super weekend? We have had a lovely time here....and some of it was even child free!!!!

Friday evening whilst Chloe was staying with her Nanna and Grandad and Lauren was out partying with friends, we took the opportunity for a lovely walk....just the 2 of us :)....but more of that in a moment!

Yesterday, Lauren and I made Rainbow Babycakes! We used the tiniest of paper cases that I found in Sainsbury's....they really are weeny. Made up a standard sponge mixture and split it into 4 bowls, then added some mega bright food colouring lol. After baking them we made the topping using melted white choclate, icing sugar and cream cheese.....OMG! We have now found a NEW favourite frosting lol.

The larger cupcake is just in a standard sized cupcake case, so you see just how teeny the baby cakes are.....soooo sweet! Lauren snaffled 6 of them to take to her boyfriend's house lol and the rest didn't last very long.

Now....back to friday 'child free' evening. We decided to go for a romantic stroll and headed up to Arlington Reservoir . It was a beautiful, sunny, clear evening and the reservoir looked gorgeous. You can see The Long Man of Wilmington in the background here, nestled on the side of the South Downs....if you squint.....and click on the photo to make it bigger lol.( he is there...i promise. Look for the 2 long sticks he is holding up.)

I for one, am very guilty of taking the beautiful area we live in for granted. And its on an evening like this that we really see the true beauty of our country side.
However, we also see things that are not quite so beautiful....well in my eyes anyway! We were just strolling along when we saw this monstrous creation! I tell you it was huuuuge...even Dale was taken aback at its size.....and the size of the furry beasts that had eaten their way out of the skillfully woven contraption.....uggggghhhhh!!! Shudder!

I just LOVED these why can't I get them to grow like this in MY garden?????

We strolled through the woodland walk area and came out in the open.....when we went round the first little corner we found these little...or should I say BIG, furry critters! There were loads of them....everywhere....and it was so funny to see their white, fluffy little 'bobtail's bobbing up and down when they scarpered for the hedges

When the sun started to drop it fell rather quickly, but the colour change was magnificent. this photo was taken on the opposite side of the Reservoir to where we started....there is almost a little beach area.
So we knew we needed to get a move on before the sun dropped right down......a little further along we saw some more of made me's YEARS since I ate a rabbit pie....MMMmmmmmmmmm! he!he!he!

This was the last photo that i took that evening and I love was a really lovely evening out and only cost the fuel to get there.......we shall be doing more of those visits i think for sure!


  1. nom nom nom to the cakes - please share the frosting recipe!!!

    I love it over at the resevoir but haven't been in ages - great piccies!!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time, not too sure about the critters though! I trust you saved a cake for me! xxx