Sunday, 8 May 2011

If you go down to the woods today.......

Well.....Bank Holiday Monday to be honest....I am a bit late blogging this.
I had to work a normal shift on the Monday, but it was such a beautiful day( although VERY blustery) and I said to Dale and the girls about going out for a nice walk. So we drove up to Arlington and went for a stroll in Abbots Wood.
I was a little dissapointed at the amount of Bluebells that were there though, often in the past when we have been there have been carpets of them, with the heady scent that fills you with a lovely feeling as you stroll through the woods.
Although there were a few patches this year it wasn't as glorious as it has been in the past.
When you look at them closely they really are quite stunning, i can almost imagine them being like a stunning little silky ballgown for a little fairy ( hmmm, sounds like I have been on something here doesn't it? I promise i haven't lol)
I was taking some close up shots of some flowers...
when i looked up I saw I had been deserted!

My Belle amongst the bluebells! ( dont you just LOVE the red spotty wellies. I so WANT some but they don't come in my trotter size :( )
Take a closer look at this photo.....I noticed the bluebells were moving and upon closer inspection found it was hundreds and hundreds of ants.....eeeeew!
We walked right out to the lake and on the way the girls came across a clearing with a rope swing and had some fun there for a while.
This is me trying an arty farty type shot.
When we arrived back at the car park I treated us all to an ice cream....and whilst we were enjoying them we noticed this little fella by our cute is he? He really was a teeny little thing, more like a skinny maggot than a full blown caterpiller. When we looked we found several of them hanging from the trees on the tiniest, finest threads, so not sure what kind of butterfly they change into....but cute all the same.
We then discovered this on too....he wasn't quite so pretty and was a LOT harder to see as you can see in the photo ( such amazing camouflage). I don't like to think what he might turn into....but it probably starts with a M and ends with an OTH.....and makes me feel sick just thinking about it....**shudders**
Right, that's me done for tonight, I need to head off up the wooden hill.
Tomorrow is a biiiig day for Lauren, after 20 months she is having her braces removed, we are all excited for her and cannot wait to see her smile without the shiny bits.
Watch this space!
warmest wishes


  1. Aw... I love photos of family outings! However, I hate ants... I can take a bite from most insects, but black ants make me swell like A BALLOON! *LOL*

  2. Lots of lovely pictures Anita :) My gang won't stand still for nice arty shots I have to do with action shots lol :) Good luck to your DD today x

  3. Super photos Anita! Your girls are so pretty... love those wellies they would've matched my mop cap lol! Love your arty farty shot, when I do things like that the family disown me and walk off. They just don't get it do they ;)
    Great relief for Lauren today then it felt really wierd when they took my braces off!
    Hugs Debbie x

  4. great photos Anita, glad it is not just me that was sad about the amount of bluebells there. We went too the other week. Need to go back as the boys want to find that swing again :)

  5. Looks like a fab day out apart from the creepy crawlies - hope you didn't touch the caterpillars. My SIL and her family ran into those horrible poisonous ones the other weekend whilst at the beach and they all ended up covered in a hideous rash.

    Karen x

  6. Beautiful photographs Anita, I loved it at Arlington this year but I think the weather bought the bluebells on too quickly.

    Good Luck to Lauren, I'm sure it will be worth the pain and suffering :) (big cheesey grin)


  7. Beautiful photos to remember a lovely bank holiday family outing. - we have another next weekend too!