Monday, 16 May 2011

Belated Sunday Scrapping and Strawberry Spongecake

I know, I's Monday today...yep I am a little late blogging this.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend? I know I did. I spent a lovely day out in Lewes on Saturday with 2 lovely friends of mine. It was really nice to just mooch about, grab lunch, mooch a little more and then sit by the riverside in a Brasserie for a lovely cuppa,chat and put the world to rights!

Yesterday I went to a booty in the morning and then came home and ironed a mountain of the dreaded crumpled stuff before sitting down to finish this layout.
I can't believe how simple and plain this page is for tonnage of flowers, or Stickles or ripping or scrunching.....but I quite like it!
Its all about Lauren and 2 awards she won last year ( yes I i know I have boobed on the layout and put 2009....I have since changed it to 2010 LOL)
The journalling is tiny and is printed onto transparency and laid across the bottom of the page. I spritzed the background white bazzill with some Cosmic Shimmer Mist from Cardinal Colours
and then using a variety of colours of acrylic paint I then used some star shaped cookie cutters to stamp some stars onto the background.

I also used just a thin strip of bright paper and ran it through my MS deep edge punch and used various stickers to make the title and add the date ( albeit it the wrong one in this photo !!!LOL)

After scrapping I thought we all needed a slice of cake, so I whipped up this spongecake and filled it with yummy strawberry jam and butter cream.....and very tasty it was too!

Unfortunately after being in bed for only a very short time I was struck down with very violent sickness and bad tummy :( , thankfully it seems confined to only it can't have been my home made cake!) so I have spent today feeling very empty,uncomfy and sorry for myself. Hope tonight is better.


  1. Lovely layout Anita. Love the bright colours. Cake look yummy too. :)

  2. Lovely LO better IRL :)
    Cake looks very yummy too !

    Sorry to hear you were poorly, hope you are feeling better now :)

  3. Hope you are feeling better Anita. Nothing worse than a dickie tummy.
    Your sponge cake looks amazing! You have no idea how much I fancy a slice right now.
    Another great layout. Such a creative use for star cutters.
    Sandra x

  4. fabulous layout Anita, love the colours really makes it sing. That cake looks yummy too :) Hope that you are all better now :)

  5. Fab layout - great idea to use cookie cutters for the stars.

    Cake looks nomalicious too.

    Hope you are feeling better now.

    Karen x

  6. Wow! Great looking cake Anita yum! I hope it wasn't eating too much of it that made you poorly ;) Love the layout simple but really bright and colourful.
    Big hugs hope your feeling better today x

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)
    I am feeling a fair bit better today thank you, although still rather fragile IYKWIM! Just got to wait for all my joints to stop aching now and it will be all good.
    Debbie, I only had a teeny slice of that cake in the end....prob a good job too!

  8. Delicious looking cake, what a super Mummy you are Anita. Love the layout, what a great use of your star cutters. Hope you continue to feel better. x