Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Flipping heck! Not again!!!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted that Lauren had dislocated her thumb whilst in goal at footie? Well guess what? She only went and did it again today! Except she wasn't in goal this time.....some little rat on the other team took her out with with a 2 footed tackle....but not before she managed to kick the ball....STRAIGHT into the goal!!! That's my girl! :D

I do think footie is bad for your health though Lauren!!!!
Love ya Hun( even though you closely resemble Pob in this photo he!he!he!..xxxx


  1. Coincidentally - I was watching an ER program last night and the Dr said that once you have dislocated a joint it becomes weak and prone to to the same injury. The bloke last night had done his shoulder 9 times!!!
    Hope it feels better soon Lauren :(


  2. Sorry to hear that Lauren, hope you feelin ok now. Good luch ith the orthodontist next week too. xxx

  3. Thanks Linda and Lynn. Yep, we have been warned that her thumb is prone now Linda...ouch to 9 times with a shoulder though! Poor bloke!!
    Can't wait til Monday Lynn and her appointment :)

  4. bless, hope it heals soon. and yes a striking resemblance lol