Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Terrific Teef!

It seems almost impossible that 21 months have passed since Lauren had her braces fitted!!!!! And we have seen a lot of changes over that time, so I hope you will indulge me whilst I lay a record of it on here for me to keep ( and yep, I hope to do a double layout about them too lol).

So, here she is all those months ago, the evening before we went down to have them fitted. Personally I thought she already had a beautiful smile!
And this is just after we came out of the clinic after having the posts fitted. Her Orthodontist is SUCH a lovely man, very gentle, kind and explained everything he was doing as he went along. He really put Lauren at ease ( which was good, as over these many months we have had lots and LOTS of visits to him!)....and he wears the most amzing bow ties!
Over the past few months she has had various colour bands put on hot pink, baby pink, red and green for christmas ( these days I think braces are such a fashion statement and kids don't mind wearing them....not like when I was younger and you used to get picked on for it lol) For the last 5 months however she had to have what was called Powertrack on them and couldn't have colours :(
So, here she is with Dale on the morning we went to have them removed....she was so excited and had been counting down the days to 'Brace Off'
Ok, so this isn't the greatest photo of her( I think she was feeling a bit off colour) but her teeth are just so lovely and she is pleased as punch. She then had 4 days of no brace which was fantastic and I kept getting her to smile lol. Also I chuckled as I kept catching her smiling at herself in the mirror each time she walked past ( I don't blame her....do you?)
And now she has had a retainer fitted ( top and bottom) which she has to wear day and night for 3 months.....then hopefully at night only. Gosh, how I wish now that I had been given braces when I was younger....I would love a smile like this!

On a side note, please can you send good luck vibes for Lauren please? 6 weeks ago she discovered 2 lumps in her neck, we visited the Dr's and he said not to worry, he was sure they would go but to come back in 6 weeks if not. Today we went back with 3 of them :(. So tomorrow she is having blood tests done and then we wait......Initally they are testing for Glandular Fever and if that comes back clear then onto other things. I am sure it will all be ok, but fingers crossed anywhere would be great :).xxxxx
Have a lovely evening
Warmest wishes


  1. What a gorgeous smile Anita!! Can't believe how grown-up Lauren looks now!!

    Sending the hugest of positive vibes that Lauren's lumps are nothing to worry about. Will keep everything crossed for you xxxxx

  2. Positive vibes being sent out for Lauren - she looks fab but to be honest she always looks fab even with the braces.

    Yep wished my mum had let me have braces - we were told that if I was vain I could have them so of course my mum said no. If I ever win the lottery I will indulge myself with cosmetic dental work.

    Karen x

  3. Beautiful photos here, look forward to seeing a layout or too :)

  4. Sending enormous vibes of luck to Lauren. I do hope everything is OK Anita. Fingers, toes and everthing crossed! xxx

    What a tremendous difference the braces have made. She has always been a lovely girl but that smile now is breath-taking.

    Please keep us informed. xxx

  5. She is a beautiful girl and has a fantastic smile but her eyes are amazing whenever I see your LO's of her it always hers eye's that draw you in. I am sending lots of positive vibes your way for the Dr's xx

  6. A gorgeous smile :) All the best with the tests :) {{hugs}}

  7. A beautiful smile Lauren! Looking good x Sending some positive vibes for the Drs hope all is well xx

  8. Sending positive vibes and wishing Lauren good news for her blood test results. In the mean time she looks fab with her new smile, not that the old one was so bad. Looking forward to seeing the DLO too.

  9. Sending good vibes too ~~~~~~~~