Sunday, 29 May 2011

Busy Weekend?

Have you had a busy weekend? I know we have :).....a very blustery one too!
Yesterday saw us hitting Eastbourne Seafront where my Sister had a stall at the Spring Fayre on the Western Lawns....
she was face painting and my Mum and Little herbert Chloe were selling the luscious cupcakes and cake pops that Donna also makes.
After wandering around the stalls Dale and myself decided to stroll along the prom for a bit....well the gusts of wind nearly took us to the lighthouse at Beachy Head!!!!

Chloe came home at the end of the day with her face like this!
Gorgeous eh :)

She returned to help out again today and Dale drove me out to Burgess Hill to visit the GlitterPot , we took a picnic and stopped on the way back which was very nice.

So, the rest of today consisted of some of this.....
(yes I like to use old boots as plant pots lol....
these have Mesembryanthemums starting to grow in them)

and a few of these to go in some other boots!

I have also had chance for a little scrapping....
so there was some of this..........

and some of this!
........all on the same layout ;)

Also had some beady fun too!

Unfortunately there was also LOTS of this !!*!?**!
Waaaay too much infact!

So.....what did YOU do over the weekend? I would love to know :)


  1. Looks live you've been having fun!
    We're all "beached" out having spent the last two in Brighton :)
    We are decorating our hall and I've been crafting!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of yours. BTW what's the white thing in the last picture???

  2. LOL, *apparently* it is something that is supposed to take out the creases in your clothes....but could be a danger to I didn't take any chances ;) he!he!he!

  3. I have spent nearly all weekend stopping the cat from moving her kittens to underneath my sons bed! Heaven knows why she wants her kittens under there - along with my sons socks and bits of old paper (among other unmentionable or unknown things!) it's a smelly old place *lol*

    I assume that's an iron...? I don't do ironing, so it's only a guess :)

    Beautiful face painting (I love it so much I think I must be a hippy - would love to have my face done!)... and I love those pins too! From the glimpses of the layout you've shown, it looks utterly amazing! Share! *lol*

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, minus the ironing. Had a day in Sat, then popped to Drusillas Sun with the hope of meeting Justin....nnnnoooo wwaayyy....saw from a distance and ds was happy with that. Went to Mums for dinner, so not much really