Saturday, 24 October 2009

Breakfasting on Banana Loaf.......Yummy!

Bit late in the day for blogging about breakfast, but that's what I am going to do LOL!

This morning Dale thought it would be a nice idea to bake us girls some scrumptious Banana Loaf for our brekkie, unfortunately we were out of eggs and so her had to wait for Tesco to open and then up he went, shopping list at the ready.

It wasn't long before the delicious aroma of Banana Loaf was floating throughout the house. Both Chloe and myself were in the lounge watching tv and Dale thought he would surprise Lauren by waking her up with a nice glass of milk and some warm buttered loaf, but her nostrils alerted her to the fact that something good was in the oven and she staggered downstairs before he could surprise her.

We all love Banana Loaf and we stand there wishing for it cool down enough quickly so we can have some, Chloe likes her bit as it is, but the rest of us are rather naughty and like it spread with butter...MMmmmmm! So here it is in all its glory.

If anybody else fancies the recipe to have a try yourself here it is for you. This is a recipe that my Mum has used for years and was a firm favourite at home when we were children and I love the fact that now my girls love it too.

You will need

4oz Caster Sugar

3oz Marg

1 egg well beaten

2 large ripe bananas, peeled and mashed or sliced ( we prefer mashed)

8oz Self Raising flour

pinch of salt

Cream together the sugar and marg, add the egg and then fold in the flour and salt.

Stir in the banana and then pour into a loaf tin and cook for between 40 and 50 mins in a fan oven at 150.

thats it....yummy! Go on , try might like it :)
On another note, I have been rather busy today making something for my sister for tomorrow. Her friends are throwing her a baby shower ( for her 3rd baby due beginning of Dec :D ) and Me and my Mum are popping along about lunchtime, so I have been working on a gift today, hope to post some pics tomorrow after she has been given it :)


  1. Wow that sounds good, can almost smell it!!!

  2. It is yummy Lynn, you should try it sometime, its bestt when its still warm....and the butter melts down into it

  3. He really is very good isn't he. And how posh is that. No mugs but tea cups. lol

  4. Wow how scrummy is that? What a nice guy and using the good china too! Very impressive LOL x

  5. LOL about the best china, its the ONLY tea cup and saucer we have.....and it's actually Chloe's! Buut looks nice for photos