Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Pumpkin Patch Posse

Hello again. Hope you are having a smashing weekend so far? Well ,after this mornings excitement that was the shopping trip to Tesco, Chloe and I thought we would go along and meet my sister and her little ones at Sharnfolds Farm P.Y.O. at Stone Cross. We visit there several times throughout the year for strawberry picking, plums and always for the pumpkin patch. They have now just opened a little tea room as well as an onsite butchers and it was lovely after our patch visit to sit and enjoy a cuppa and a slice of delicious cake and watch the little ones playing in the play area.

Unfortunately we were a few days late to catch all the pumpkins before most had been harvested and popped into big displays at the farmshop, but there were still a few to be found and lets face it, its always good fun for little ones to trapse around in mud and stuff with their wellies on!

They have a huge variety of different pumpkins, squash's and other things at Sharnfolds and the different colours and textures are quite fascinating. On the way from the patch to the shop Chloe and Holly found a centipede type bug and a bright, lime green caterpillar ( hope it doesn't become a moth ***shudders***, I CANNOT stand moths!!

Here's hoping that the weather tomorrow is as lovely as it has been today, I have got 2 loads of washing dry in the garden and I have a sneaky suspicion that Chloe would rather like a ride down the Cuckoo Line again. Right, just off now to make some lovely fluffy dumplings to go into the stew that has been in slow cooker for most of the day, Dale should be home soon and I know he wants a haircut too so I best get my butt into gear!
Warmest wishes


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day Anita, and what great photos. Chloe, Oliver and Holly are looking so grown up.

  2. There are some lovely photos there, Anita. I shall have to pop across the road before they are all gone, the pumpkins that is lol

  3. Looks like a fab day out, some great pictures too.

  4. fabby photos Anita, love the pumpkin or squash piccy.....looking forward to the layout(s)

  5. Lovely pictures Anita. I especially love the last one - taking all the colour out and just leaving the orange is gorgeous. Will this become a layout do you think? xx

  6. Thanks for your kind comments everyone :)
    Liz, I think the pics, in particular the last one may well be finding their way onto a LO very soon ;).xx