Friday, 16 October 2009

Going straight!

Lauren has been visiting the orthodontist now for nearly 2 years after being referred from her dentist to him. She has a slight overbite and was rather self conscious about the gap between her front teeth , so when, after the initial visit, he said she needed a brace she was 'chomping at the bit' to get it fitted! Its taken nearly 2 years to eventually have the braces put in place and originally we were told that she only needed one on the upper jaw, she has actually got them on both!

From the initial appointment when all the xrays were taken it was discovered that she was missing a tooth on one side of her jaw and that as there was no sign of an adult bud waiting to grow that there should be no reason for over crowding on that side. Unfortunately that tooth decided it was going to grow on the opposite side instead! And as there was no room for it the only place it could erupt from was the roof of her mouth **shudders**. After quite a traumatic removal ( for her and for me....can you tell I don't like dentists!) we have just had to wait for the fittings. Now I don't know about you, but when I was at school a brace was the LAST thing you wanted to have to have! My best school friend Lynn had a brace and I remember only too well the name calling and teasing she went through, it was horrid! But it seems that nowadays they are almost a fashion accessory and you are not a 'cool kid' unless you have one!

So last month we went down and Lauren had the posts and clips fitted and then a week later we had to return for the wires to be fitted on......oh yes and of course the all important fashionable coloured bands that they pop on at the end! Lauren had been thinking about nothing else but what colour to have for weeks and eventually decided on purple! She did suffer for a few days when the braces were initially fitted, but she has been pain free for quite a while now ,thank goodness. The orthodontist thinks that she should be sorted in about a year and will have the 'perfect smile' I know I am biased, but i think she already had one....don't you?


  1. Lovely smile Lauren. Looking more and more like your mother with every photo I see. Speaking from the experience of two of my three children who went through the whole brace thing, once it's all sorted it's plain sailing and in no time at all the braces are off. Good luck with it all. x

  2. Bit of a traumatic time by sounds of things Anita for you both but well done Lauren for sticking at it. Can't wait to see the finished result, but as you said Anita, I don't think there's much room for improvement anyway! I'm sure there'll be a 'before' and 'after' page too! x

  3. Beautiful photos, really hope that the braces do their job....wish mine had been sorted, but then they were definately not fashionable then!! Bet there are layouts waiting to be scrapped with this story :)