Saturday, 17 October 2009

Wow! What an evening!

Hello again! Well, after having a wonderful time at The Big Bead Fair at Sandown racecourse today with my best friend and her Mum( more about that tomorrow!) I came home, had some bread and soup and then Dale and myself took Chloe up to the town Bonfire procession and firework display( Lauren went with a group of her friends....*sigh* she is growing up too quick!)

And what a totally fantastic evening it was, the sky was totally clear and filled with sparkling stars of its own before the fireworks had even started and it was lovely and nipppy, just how it should be. The town was alive with families and several teen gangs were hanging about having fun and generally behaving pretty well. The fireworks were breathtaking, I have ALWAYS been fascinated by them, ever since I was small and they still hold the same joy for me now. What clever people the manufacturers are to cram all those sparkly stars and golden showerfalls into the tubes, waiting to be set free at the flick of a switch. It seems that gone are the days where you had to light the blue tough paper and step back. Now its all electronically controlled and co-ordinated....with the odd stray banger thrown in from the crowd just for good measure! The procession meandered through the roads of the town, settled for a while for a drink and to re-fuel and then headed back along the route and down to the bonfire. The burnt out torches were collected along the way and dropped into large half barrels that were being pulled along by some of the society boys and those that were still burning well were thrown onto the bonfire.

I will leave you with a few shots, unfortunately they are not really in sharp focus, but they will do the job.


  1. Lovely Anita. That's just how a fireworks party should be. Lots of fun, well organised and beautful displays. All you need is some treacle toffee and you'd be away. Your pictures are lovely and show the moment really well. I'm sure we'll see some scrapping pages coming up soon! xx

  2. Thank you Liz :) It certainly was a lovely evening.

  3. Hey, too early for bonfire night, not my birthday yet :)

    Looks like a fab evening though.