Sunday, 4 October 2009

Packing kits for classes

I am teaching 2 classes this week and one next at Jill's ( Cardinal Colours) and today I have been manically packing papers and cutting and embossing hundreds of butterflies. I have borrowed a Big Shot for the butterflies, but would generally take along my sidekick for the girls to use to cut letters etc, but the Cut and Emboss Butterflies set sadly do not fit the Sidekick. As the Big Shot isn't mine I don't like to be cheeky and ask to use it for classes so instead I have driven myself round the bend doing it all at home( with a bit of help from my youngest daughter), I seem to have a fairly short attention span and get bored quite quickly of repetition, so after the first 30 or so I was really lost LOL! There are 2 choices of ideas with this months kit, one involves more handcutting than the other. Sorry the photo of the layouts are not very good. For some reason they have taken on a bluey tinge. These pages were originally going to have been taught last month, but due to some major family health issues I postponed the class till now. I hope my ladies like them.
Well I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have? I spent yesterday with a terrific group of friends cropping all day and I can honestly say that yesterday was the first time in a hell of a lot of months that I truly enjoyed the actual creative process of scrapping. I ALWAYS enjoy the social side and love nothing more than to sit and natter with the other girls and catch up on everyones news andadmire their work, but the actual making of a layout really hasn't given me the thrill or feeling of satisfaction that it always used to. Not sure what happened along the way and where my own personal enjoyment for it went....but it did! Anyway, I now feel I have the spark again and I am really hoping its going to hang around.
Right, off to bed for me now as I get up at 3.30ish every weekday morning for work!!!! And god knows I NEED my beauty sleep!
Warmest wishes...Anita..xx


  1. Looking forward to doing the class, Anita. And I love your blog header

  2. Thanks Jill :) I am starting to find my round on how to do things on here and I'm having fun I must admit LOL. I thought that header would do until I can make one properly for the blog. See you at class, I am looking forwards to seeing everyone again.xx

  3. Love the header too Anita, beautiful colours. Glad you are finding your way around the blogging system. The class looks great and it's lovely that your ladies get a choice too.
    Lynn x

  4. I love your header too Anita. That's one thing I can't do, so I'll be cribbing from you (no change there) LOL! Looking forward to Wed too - the pages look great. Liz x

  5. Hi Anita,

    Do you have a spare one of these kits? :)


  6. Hello Linda

    Sorry, I was actually one kit short for class, so Jill is kindly missing out on one of the classes to make up the difference.But If you have got the papers in your stash I have got some spare butterflies that I would beappy to give you.