Monday, 5 October 2009

Sunday's Afternoon Saunter

From the moment she woke up until the time I gave in Chloe was asking to go down the Cuckoo Line on Sunday for a walk, well me to walk and her to cycle to be precise.

We haven't been down there for a stroll for a while now and it was really lovely to see the changes that the onset of autumn arriving have made to the scenery. Autumn is my most favourite season, closely followed by winter, spring and then summer at the end. I love being cold( yeah, I'm odd I know lol but if you are cold you can always snuggle into more layers of clothes....if you are too hot there is only so much you can take off before it becomes an eyesore to the public!!!!) and I really love the smells and colours that autumn brings along with it.

The Cuckoo Line is a safe, traffic free route that follows what was orginally a railway line many years ago. Its 13 miles long and covers a trail from The High Weald down the Cuckmere Valley and onto the fringes of the Pevensey Levels and is a shared use pathway for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. We parked up at The Loom Mill on Ersham Road and set off for a stroll towards the Polegate end.

When I was a lot younger and before the Cuckoo Line had been re surfaced, it was more of a dirt track. We used to spend hours playing along there, making dens and camps and collecting things like frogspawn and bugs.

We were amazed to see the size of the acorns this year! Have you seen them? They are like melons!! OK, slight exaggeration there, but you know what I mean.

We saw several of these wispy things, not quite sure what they are but they looked so delicate. I told Chloe they were butterfly nets for the fairies and elfs that live along the line.....I don't think she believed me though!

I was fascinated by these little sprigs of berries. They made me think of little bright christmas bulbs and looked lovely hanging in amongst
the bare branches in the hedgerow.

Chloe found these long garlands of red berries that were in some places stretching for about 1ofoot! We liked the way they are accompanied by blackberries in varying shades of red, plum and black. I wished I had a fireplace to decorate at Christmas as I think these would make beautiful garlands sprinkled in amongst the normal Christmas greenery.

Then it was home to the mountain of ironing and other exciting things us housewives have to fill our time ( note the small amount of sarcasm there lol)


  1. fabby photos.....worth going out

  2. What a lovely place Anita, can see why you love it. You had a better day for it after the poor weather on Saturday and the rain today. Great photos, those strings of berries are amazing.

    For one autumn lover to another, I agree it is better and more comfortable than the heat of mid summer.

    Enjoying your blog.
    Lynn x

  3. Lynn is right Anita what lovely pictures. I feel so guilty - the Cuckoo Walk is very near me and I have to admit not having gone there at all :o(( How shameful is that? I agree Autumn and Winter are the best times, closely followed by Spring with Summer lagging along quite a way behind.
    Your blog is very interesting to read - told you it would be! Liz x