Monday, 21 December 2009

Beautiful.....but dangerous!

Well I have woken up to yet more fresh snowfall this morning, unfortunately as there is a very thick layer of compacted ice underneath it I know its going to create more havoc! On Friday I travelled to Haywards Heath with my best friend( thankfully in her 4 wheel drive) and also Lauren. I have to say the scenery was absolutely stunning and I was so glad I took my camera. I cannot remember the last time I actually saw the trees look like this, it literally took my breath away and was a joy to see, but at the same time was totally treacherous on the roads and paths. There were so many accidents and abandoned cars on friday and saturday ( on Sat Dale went up to Suffolk to collect his neice and bring her down south for Christmas). Anyway, I just thought I would share a few pics with you, hope you are staying safe where you are and not having to go out unless you really have too. Right, I best get out and clear the car ready for work....bbbrrrrrr! xxxx


  1. Gorgeous piccies but I still hate the stuff. I had great fun getting from our house down the slope to the car yesterday. Thankfully when we got into Eastbourne there was absolutely nothing so was able to walk about fine.

    I hope you took lots of care this morning as that snow on top of the ice must have made things a bit crazy on the roads.

  2. Love the pictures Anita. As you say so beautiful but so dangerous! Luckily for me I've not had too much trouble getting into work, but feel so sorry for those who have and who have broken down or been in accidents. So near Christmas too, with everyone moving around to get together. Take care everyone. xxx

  3. Oh gosh, Karen, yes of course you have your slope, that must be really dodgey, you MUST go careful.

    Liz, it is gorgeous isn't it, but only if you can stay inside and not HAVE to go out. Glad you didn't hVE any trouble with it Hun.xx