Thursday, 31 December 2009

Water! Water! Everywhere!

And STILL it falls! I thought I may have woken up this morning to dry roads, windows etc, but no!

Yesterday we drove up to Scaynes Hill and then on the way back popped to Heathfield. On the way there I was amazed by the amount of flooding that we saw and on the way back Dale stopped so I could snap a couple of pics at Newick. Now these are normally just green fields, there are no streams or anything....just green! I really didn't capture it very well, but these pics just show a little bit of some of the flooded areas.....the sheep were none too impressed with it and were huddled on a bit of raised ground, but the ducks and swans seemed happy enough.....

Let's hope it starts to drain away soon as in several places we found the water was standing on the road too, making driving a bit dodgy in places.


  1. Was this at Goldbridge? I used to leave at North Chailey and often the road at Newick was closed beacuse of the floods. They were supposed to have sorted the problem out.

  2. I am not sure if thats what its called Jill, but it was in the bottom of a bit of a dip and there was a pull off bit on one side for cars to park.