Saturday, 26 December 2009

Thoroughly spoilt!!!

Yep, that's me! I have been given some of the most wonderful gifts and I am rather gobsmacked at all the generosity. Here are a few pics of my goodies

I got a lush Jane Norman handbag, Promarkers, a new compact camera, locally made beautiful glass bead bag charm and Will Youngs new cd from Dale and the girls and a wonderful gold chain with a Mum charm on it from Chloe.

My Mum made me a gorgeous teal scarf and my Mum and Dad gave me a lush Ash Branch punch which I have been wanting for ages, also a set of digital kitchen scales. My Sister, BIL, neice and nephews gave me a lovely big Cupcake moneybox, some make up AND a talking CharlieMouse ( from Bagpuss!!!!, so a singing session followed lol, talk about a blast from the past he!he!he!).

Jill was very naughty and kindly gave me the Promarker storage case, thank you soooooo much Jill....xxxxxxx

..... .and my bestest friend in the world, Sue, was sooooooooooooo naughty, she gave me the ENTIRE collection of Ice Stickles!!! (OMG they are sooo lush!!), 7 packs of AC Thickers!!, a cupcake mug, a very apt sign to hang in the kitchen( damn, that girl knows me too well LOL!!) AND as if that lot wasn't enough, she also gave me THE most stunning Honora Pearl necklace in the most divine colours....Hun, if you read this you already know how grateful I am to you, but you really are naughty and should NOT have spoilt me so much, but thank you from the bottom of my heart...xxxxxxxxxx

So yes, I have been thoroughly and utterly spoilt.....I hope you have all had some wonderful gifts too? We had ouR Christmas Dinner at home and then went to my sisters for tea and to share our gifts to each other with my Mum and Dad also, came home pooped to the max lol. Today we are having a lazy morning and then off to Dale's parents for dinner and more gift sharing :), have a wonderful Boxing Day everyone...xxxxxxxxx


  1. Wow what a lucky girl you are - thoroughly deserved though! Sounds like you had a good Christmas - I'm so glad xxx

  2. Thank you Liz, I hope you were thoroughly spoilt too Hun......xxxxxxxx

  3. Well deserved, glad you had a super time Anita.

  4. Thank you Lynn, how did your Christmas go Hun? I hope it was wonderful...xxxx

  5. ooo lots of goodies.....merry christmas

  6. We are so excited that we were included in your holiday gifts! We hope you love your Midnight pearl necklace. Hope you had a happy holidays!