Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Her first card!

Lauren wanted to have a go at making a card for her best friend for Christmas, she asked if she could play with my stash and promarkers.....and here is the result! I think its gorgeous and I hope her friend does too.

And here is one that I made for my Aunty who is staying down from Ipswich at the moment for a few days. She has been a cardmaker for quite some time and makes THE most exquisite cards, so I could NOT give her a bought box card, no way! So this was my effort and she seemed pleased with it...thank goodness.

I have made a few extra small bag charms, so if anyone needs a little extra stocking filler I hope to upload a photo tomorrow of them...xxxx


  1. Well done Lauren, lovely card.
    Whats the stamp Anita?

  2. Hiya Linda. I am not sure, its one of 3 I bought on ebay, just the stamped images, not the actual stamp :)

  3. Lovely card Lauren - its obvious where you get your talent from!! Watch out Anita - competition with your card making!! xx

  4. Lauren has your crafty genes, a beautiful card. Yours too, another stunner :)