Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Thats what I have been today! I have been waiting on some clasps to finish an order for some large bag charms/keyrings that I have been asked to make....and I managed to get them finished today, so now they are all wrapped and ready for delivery.

Whilst I had all my beads out I made a few small bag charms too and these are for sale if anyone is interested. They are ideal for a little extra pressie for someone or would make a great cracker or tree/table pressie and at £2 each they won't break the bank. Give me a shout if you would like one ok.

I had got plans to make some more cards too, but ran out of time. This evening I will be getting kits sorted for this weeks classes at Cardinal Colours, it feel like ages since I have been down there to see Jill and I am very much looking forwards to it. Also we have our crop on saturday and it will be great to meet up with Lynn, Linda and the other girls too.

Gosh, they are all sold out! Thnank you so much to everyone who have bought them..xxxx


  1. OOOh they're gorgeous hun!!!

    Are the 2 on the far right at the top and the bluey one at the bottom right available please?

    Jo xx

  2. Hi Anita

    Could you bring the charms with you on Thursday evening to class??? I need to get a stocking filler for a friend and one of those would be lovely!

  3. Hi Anita
    All the charms look brilliant. Look forward to seeing them tomorrow. Please bring some of the small bag charms with you too as I may be interested :o)) xxx See you tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments ladies :)
    Karen and Liz I shall see you at class and yep, shall bring the charms with me, Jo, I will email you in a little Hun ok, got to get smallest herbert to bed lol, yep those 3 are put to oneside for you ok..xx

  5. wow they are stunning, my fave is the purple dragonfly lol....no suprise there.

  6. Thanks Sara :), yep, I know what you are like for purple AND dragonflies lol.

  7. Beautiful Anita, love the dragonfly.

  8. Beautiful ... and I'm too late!

  9. I am so glad that you brought them to the class last night Anita, or I would have missed the opportunity to buy these beautiful little gifts. Thanks you

  10. Thanks for the kind comments girls..xxxx
    So glad you like them Jill, thank you for buying them...
    Lynn, I have been beavering away again today making more( and have ordered more clasps lol), so should have some on sat if you decide you would like any Hun, no worries if not though ok..xxxx