Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Smile please!

This year I decided to get some of those Christmas photo cards ,that you pop a 6 x 4 photo into for the front design, to send to Aunts, Uncles etc. I really don't like having my pic taken and prefer to be on the backside of the camera lol and Dale has been out and about a lot so we just had pics of the girls in fluffy red hats instead. I should probably have taken them outside because of the lighting, but with all this dire weather there really hasn't been chance and I needed to get them done. These are the 2 I have chosen....I know they are not perfect( slightly out of focus, wrong light balance etc etc) but I like them....and the girls had enough of having to sit THAT close to each other lol. Great I think, I'll get these printed and sorted ready to send next week....and then find I am out of flippping ink in my printer!!!!! So I have uploaded them to Snapfish( not used thembefore...have you?) and have 20 on order....hope they look ok.

Right, I guess I better finish my cuppa and get my coat on for work....its frosty out there this morning so I have to clear the car aswell....BBBrrrrrrrrrr!...xxxx


  1. BEautiful photos Anita, both very worthy for cards :)

  2. Lovely photographs Anita - they will look great on cards.

  3. Smashing photos Anita - what a good idea too from pressies. Let me know what you think about Snapfish. xx