Saturday, 5 December 2009

A cropping we will go..........

yessss! Today is our crop day and as its our Christmas crop I am just about to make a yummy raspberryoffee pie. I have filled some crackers with little pressies for everyone and made all my cards( for the 1ST TIME EVER lol), I can't wait. Its so lovely to meet up with the girls each month and spend the day crafting and laughing together( with a bit of eating thrown in...well quite a bit actually lol). I have made some very special friends through scrapping and I am really thankful for their friendship and company, so girls, I just want to say a biiiig THANK YOU to you all, for being my friend, for all the laughs and for putting up with me ALL year ( especially Jill, who has to put up with more of me than most!!) I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and I hope that 2010 brings us all good health and that its filled with happpiness for us all ( and lots more crops ;) )



  1. Hope you had a lovely time - we have ours tomorrow - the mince pies are all ready. Thankyou for my gorgeous christmas card - makes mine look very amateur. And thanks for the loan of the easel card - I have made my first one today.

  2. Ditto Anita!!!


    Thanks for my lovely necklace, I love it!

  3. Its always a pleasure to see you Anita, and of course the other girls too. i had a great day yesterday. I think I have my enthusiasm back. The Raspberryoffi was delicious as usual.
    And a special thankyou for the beautiful card (I am about to sample one of the chocolates) and the pressies. ((((hugs))))

  4. We did have a lovely time thank you Anita. Your crackers, cards and pressies were absolutely gorgeous. And the raspberryoffi -well what can I say. Thank you. Linda's tidy bags were fantastic too and Lyn's choccies are sitting on my table now as I type - wondering whether I should try one now or wait til Christmas. Everyone is so generous. We do have a lovely time all together and its such fun. Thank you again xxx