Saturday, 9 January 2010

And STILL it falls.

I just couldn't believe the fresh snowfall we found when we woke up this morning, soooo much fell overnight and all day long it has snowed here, some of the downfalls have been really heavy too. We all walked up the town this morning to get some food shopping done. I was rather amazed at how some people are shopping, they were literally filling their trolleys, just like it was at Christmas. But how they were all carrying it home I don't know. There were not all that many cars in the car parks as the roads were pretty bad and although there were long queues fortaxis there didn;t seem to be that many on the roads.. We never even got our car off the estate today, its just too dodgy out there and not worth the risk. So, after shopping we thought we would go and play off we went to sort out our boots.
Well Dale couldn't find his to start with....but after a while I hear a ' Oh b---er, I have found them! Yep, this is the said wellies.....sitting on the patio......full of and covered in snow! Hmmm, wonder how long they have been there for?

We have had some real fun again today and although I really have had enough of the snow now( especially as it meant we had to postpone our crop today. I LOVE getting together with all the girls and spending time with them, really missed that today), it was however lovely playing outside all together. I have uploaded several pics, but they have come out in the wrong order, so bear with me.

Chloe and the "cool dude" she met in the garden.

Dale trying to use the little bay tree as camoflage....FAIL!!!!

Hmmmm, not a lot you can say about this one is there? I think our snowman has a little bit of an identity crisis, bless him/her.

Anyone fancy a snowball fight then?

Can you see the snowflake caught in the cobweb, they were amazing, I just wished my camera could do a lot more magnifying, they are just amazing, so tiny, pretty and delicate, but just look what they can do when they stick together, almost bring the country to a halt!

I don't think the little birdhouse can take much more of this weather, it looks like an icy thatch now!

Chloe trying to sneak some big snowballs away as stash for a snowball fight!

Daddy floored Chloe with a giant snowball!!!

Chloe was a pretty good shot with the snowballs herself!

Lauren could hardly do anything for laughing, she was a reluctant snow angel!

Chloe's snow angel, I thought she was going to sink when she first fell back in the snow as its fairly deep!

I just managed to snap this little fella before he flitted off.

Lauren, looking beautiful as always, such a shame about the stray hair across her face though!

Our local church, St Marys, this is where we were married and both our girls were christened.

And then we came in and all enjoyed some delicious hot chocolate and sat and had a movie evening with Ice Age 3 ( very apt I thought lol)

And guess what??? Yep, its still bliddy snowing!


  1. stunning photos Anita, looks like you all had a lot of fun, I was at work so not really been out

  2. Wow looks like you all had a good time. Great photos for scrapping too.

  3. Aww, Anita! I forgot that you aren't on my forum or else you'd have got an invite to our cybercrop! We had six challenges and I'm happy to say that I made them all... and a huge mess besides.

    I'll e-mail you. :)

  4. You did have a good time Anita. I was a 'stay at home' I'm afraid. Everyone came out to me and we sat in and watched the snow falling! Bit boring really but your tales are good enough for me to almost be there!! xxx

  5. Looks like you have had a great time in it all Anita - still not a fan though LOL!