Sunday, 17 January 2010

What a fab stamp!

Good afternoon bloggers, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far? I am glad to say all the snow has now disappeared from down this way and, after yesterdays downpour, we woke up to beautiful blue skies this monring.

Looky what I received in the post yesterday

this wonderful personalised stamp was purchased via Nikki, a really lovely lady who owns bunnyzoecrafts
you really should pay her site a visit, she has the most fabulous stamps, flowers and charms.
I am chuffed to bits with it and can't wait to start stamping it on my creations ( Liz, I shall be needing your card back Hun lol)

so, I guess I better get making then! But first I need to prepare the veg and sausage cakes for tea, cut my hubbys hair and catch up on emails....have a smashing evening..xx


  1. wow -I'd like one like that !!

  2. thanks girls :). It really is fab quality and such a good price, I can def recommend Nikki's shop, she gives wonderful service and is really lovely to deal with. Go on Jackie, you know you want one Hun.xx

  3. I love your stamp, I recently purchased one as well :o)

  4. hello Kit :), thanks for visitng my blog. the stamps are wonderful aren't they, I just need to pull my finger out and make some cards to use it on

  5. Wow, love the stamp Anita. Wish I'd seen it earlier - I've just ordered labels, as discussed at the crop on Saturday :o(( Typical. Love the sentiment too. xx

  6. Ooooooooh Liz, you will have to use all your labels up and then get one of these fabby stamps too Hun, they are amazing value and superb