Monday, 11 January 2010

Lean on Me!

Just look at our poor old snowman LOL. This is what he looked like this morning when I came home from work! Definately a bit sorry for himself.

These following photos were taken yesterday. I took Chloe for a walk, well, it was a drag really as I towed her halfway round our town on her sled. Today I ache in places I didn;t know I had though. This was soon cured by taking her out across town yet again being towed on her sled. Hey, its good exercise....just call me Husky!
Anyway, this is the Common Pond, which was pretty much frozen over. thankfully there was still a nice open patch in the middle for all the feathered friends.

Chloe decided we hadn't got enough snow in our garden so she insisted on bringing some back from the pond!

The light had faded fast but just as we neared the top of our estate I snapped this piccy, sorry its not very good quality. If you look in the distance you can see the South Downs and the snow covering up there.

Once we had emptied out all the snow, rolled a biiiiig snowball and then Chloe had trampled it down we strolled down the road to where there is a short, but steep slope. Chloe came down it so fast this is all I had chance to catch lol!


  1. more great photos....can see a funny lo coming with the snowman pic :)

  2. Did she shout 'mush mush' as you pulled her along??

  3. very nearly Karen lol, very nearly.