Friday, 29 January 2010

Dipping her pretty lil toes....

I thought this image was so cute, but I don't think I have done her justice on this card, I don't think the balance is right with the flowers/embellies. Having said that, she must be ok as my sister took a liking to her and has given her to a friend today lol.

I have 2 poorly little peeps at home today :(. Chloe has been poorly on and off since last friday( I was out for the day and got called home to collect her from school) she was ill still over the weekend and on monday but felt better and went back to school tues. As the week has gone on she has been up and down and then during the night she got a temp again and was grizzly with earache. I managed to get a docs appointment this morning and found she was right on the verge of an ear infection......BUT worse than that the doc found that her right lung is all congested and got a lot of infection in it, no wonder the poor little mite is feeling off colour. So she has antibiotics( and some choccie as that ALWAYS works lol) and has been snuggled under the duvet on the sofa for the day. Lauren has been feeling pretty rough for most of the week, coldy,cough,achey etc and this morning she could hardly move, so she has spent the day all wrapped up hopefully the weekend will bring a big improvement all round.

Sue, if you read this Hun, it shows it was a good job we didn't make arrangements for today eh LOL..xxxxx

Have a great weekend everyone...

Warmest wishes



  1. Another lovely card Anita. Hope Lauren and Chloe better soon x

  2. Too cute for words... love this!

  3. Works beautifully Anita, love the colours.
    Very jealous that you've all had time to play!

  4. Lovely card....hope the girls are getting better :)