Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Domestic Goddess in training!

I did a first for me today! I actually made pastry!!! By hand, from start to finish....none of this ready to roll stuff, oh no! Yep, its true, after having been around for **!$! years on this earth and being married for just over 17 of them I have at last made pastry lol.

I had some chicken left from last nights dinner and thought a home made pie would be nice and with the spare pastry I even made some jam tarts too! It reminded me of when I was little and my Mum used to make pies and tarts ( I even made a pastry flower and popped on top of the pie, my Mum's was always a rose, but I made a clematis/triffid! LOL)

Well they both seemed a success as there were empty plates all round, so I guess I shall be making some more another time.


  1. Well they look absolutely yummy Anita. You've obviously done so well, there'll be no excuse for buying pastry any more. I think you've made a rod for your own back now. xxx

  2. Oh yummy yummy like the look of dinner at your house. I'm afraid I will always cheat and use the ready done stuff, but homemade pastry is always better.