Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter Wonderland....(image heavy post)

Look, it's a little Mini-Me!

Well, yet again we have another day where both the girls schools were shut because of snow and icy conditions. We stayed indoors this morning, but this afternoon I popped out with Chloe, both of us loaded with a camera, and set off for stroll( VERY CAREFULLY I hasten to add). Chloe had my little new camera and I took my bigger one. I thought I'd share a few of mine....hope I don't bore you too much.
The traffic lights were feeling the chill too.
I just really like how the sinking sun has been captured shining through this icicle. The patterns inside it are really stunning, but try as I might I just could'nt capture it in the photo....truly beautiful work of mother nature
I snapped this just outside our front door....icicles fascinate me and I had the added bonus to get a shot of the single snowflakes. If you look very carefully you can see at least one clearly.
I was fascinated at how the sun was sinking, but fell in the right place to show through from the back of the house, right through to the front. The paths were still lethal, as were the side roads.
This was the view across the farmers market, no animals for sale today though.
Look at this lovely little loved up
The little winter house....hope they have some central tweeting to keep them warm.
I really loved these icicles that were hanging off the corner of the wendy house, loved the blue sky behind, but got fed up with the flying seagulls lol.

And this last one is JUST for my Mum....she will know why and what is is....or supposed to be.Mum, I DARE you not to laugh( I promise they looked a whole lot better BEFORE I cooked them....honest!). But all I will say is all 4 plates were cleaned and lips were smacked :D


  1. Wow! Fantastic photography. Looks like yo had a good time with chloe.

    LOL at the cakes (are they cakes?!?!).

  2. What stunning photos Anita. I especially like the one showing the single snowflake. Fantastic - I don't think I've ever seen such detail. Very clever. The pictures are all great but not so sure about the last one - are they meant to be coconut pyramids con flat? xx

  3. Fab photos Anita, wish I were at home during daylight :( Snow has cleared in central London and I leave and arrive home in the dark.

  4. I am laughing here so hard at you both Lynn and Liz, at your guesses on the bottom photo....Lynn, you are the closest so far, they are a cake of some kind....keep guessing ;)

    Linda, shame you are in the dark all the time :(, glad that London is cleared though, wish we were here too..xx

  5. Super photographs Anita. Not a clue what sort of cakes they are supposed to be. I would love to get out and enjoy this snow but daren't set foot out in it. And seeing the weather forecast tonight looks like I am set to be a prisoner in my own home for a wee bit longer :-(

  6. stunning shots Anita, puts mine to shame :)