Thursday, 14 January 2010

Some old layouts revisited.

This layout is about 3 years old now, I have used my sewing machine on it quite a bit and also I made the round embellishment. It made using a hot glue gun and rubber stamp. You need to squeeze are big blob of glue from the straight onto a heat resistant surface, I used an old kitchen tile. The ink you chosen stamp, any ink will do, it just needs to create a barrier between the stamp and hot glue. Stamp into the blob and leave till its cooled down, then gently remove the stamp. I then covered the seal with acrylic paint and then rubbed off as much as possible, leaving it in the grooves from the stamp.
I finished it off by rubbing some mettallic cream over it all

LOL at Lauren, this is her doing her 'Edna'( from The Incredibles) impersonation . Chloe,My youngest girly got these joke glasses on holiday 3 years and we all had such a hoot trying them on and larking about. I have layered various papers and added a few brads and stickers. The chipboard swirl I have coated in a mix of teeny beads and I also used them in the centre of the flower

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