Thursday, 21 January 2010

Some more of my old pages

I have been doing some spring cleaning and found some old pages of mine, I thought I would share a few on my blog.
My first layout is one I made 3 years ago and is all about how I tried and tried to teach our youngest Daughter to tie her laces but to no avail.....then my best friend Sue gave it a shot and Hey Presto, next thing you know she was tying them just like that! I just love the pure concentration on her

Don't you just love this toothy grin? She has always been ( and I hope always will be) a proper little character, she is a little minx and I just love her for it...xxxxxxx

Those of you who really know me know I really don't *do* cardstock very much, infact I perish the thought of scrapping with it and much MUCH prefer to use patterned paper and LOTS of it lol. Well, this page tested my boundaries, its just a sheet of white bazzil and a small peice of Basic Grey....and thats it paperwise! The other bits are either printed onto acetate, rub ons or dry brushed acrylic paint ( oh yes and some flowers and I made the wings from feathers lol) I made the title by sticking down some alpha stickers and then painting over them with acrylic paint, then once it was dry I peeled the stickers up. This is about Lauren, our eldest( she went through a *Gothy* phase from the age of 10 to about 12)....and the title is just self explanitory and prefectly sums her up....xxxxxxx



  1. Gorgeous pages :) I remember the last one, a beautiful photograph :)

  2. Gorgeous layouts as always Anita - but I am laughing about you finding them whilst spring cleaning - where they stuck in the back of a cupboard? LOL!!!!

  3. Stunning, classic pages Anita.

  4. Beautiful pages Anita - and how different each one is. Love them xx