Sunday, 24 January 2010

Flutterby Cakes and a card that's charmed.

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday? I have had quite a busy one so far, but plan to sit and chill this evening. I fancied doing a little baking earlier and anyone who REALLY knows me knows I am no Delia Smith! So I thought I would make some Flutterby Cakes after Lauren was talking about them earlier on in the week.
Now I am not one to normally read and follow instructions properly he!he!he! and these buns were no exception!!! I guess I should really call them 'Chuck it all in and hope for the best cakes'!!! I know I was *supposed* to cream the marg and sugar together first....and I know I was *supposed* to sift the flour to make it 'light and airy' and beat the eggs before adding.....but I didn't do any of that! Oh no! I just chucked all the ingrediants and a spoon full of hot water into a bowl and mixed it till it looked ok. Well I don't know about you, but, I think they came out just fine....and more to the point they ARE delish and they are light and fluffy.....and nearly ALL GONE!!!!Dale and the girls thought they were pretty delish too, so its not just me being biased! I didn't measure for the butter icing properly either, just mixed till it looked be honest it was a little soft, but hey, the wings stayed stuck!
I thought i would share this card too, I actually made her on thursday but haven't had chance to upload her.

I pulled out my jewellery making bag and made the little charm to hang below the ribbon, I thought it finished off the card nicely.
I hope you all have a nice am going to go and serve up dinner and then chill for the evening....and hopefully watch Being Human later....have you seen it? Its fab!..xxxxxxxx


  1. You went to the same cake making school as me!!!

    Love the card Anita.

  2. he!he!he! Glad I am not the only one Lynn..xxxx

  3. Cakes look great Anita and another beautiful card.

  4. scrummy looking cakes and a beautiful card :)

  5. Yes I use the 'all in one' method and yours look very yummy. And your card - well what can I say - upto your usual brilliant standard Anita - lovely. xx

  6. Thanks for your kind comments girlies :)..xxxx