Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Flipping Frosty....and a scraplift!

Evening all :). Hope you have all had a lovely, if not chilly day? This morning I eventually got home from work a fair bit later than normal, this being down to the ice that had reformed on the car just in the time I had been at work...oh yes and some berk thought it would be funny to pour water over the windscreens of the cars parked in the car park that early. Obviously this meant that not only was there really heavy frost, but thick skin of ice too! I just hope that the fleas of a thousand camels come along and infest his armpits!

Anyway, when I got home I shot in the kitchen to warmup with a cuppa and looked out the kitchen window towards Pevensey and the coast( which is a few miles away) and this was the view, it was very pretty.

I took Chloe to school and when I came back popped into the garden to look at the frost covering. I thought this leaf was rather fascinating, just look at the long strands of frost on it, they were quite amazing in their perfect formation, just like little sticks of frost.

I also liked this peice of log we have with ivy on in the back garden.

I also finished a 'lift' of the page I made the other day on the transparency. This one is basically identical, except for the colours and the fact that I made the flowers( lollipop style) instead of having ones to cut out from the patterned paper. See I did the tombola border Sy ;) lol.x



  1. Stunning photos Anita, and another fabby lo :)

  2. Yay tombola!!! :) I may try some teeny weeny tombola on my ATCs for a swap I'm doing soon. No school for DS for the next two days so no school run means more craft time!!! That's a great colour scheme, Anita. I'm off to grab my scrap folder so I can do some tombola!!!

  3. Another fabby layout and love the tombola border (great name Sy!!) will we be seeing that feature on a class layout soon?